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Freshwater Divers LLC is owned and operated by Tim and Jenny Emmons.  Tim founded the company in 2011 on the conviction that scuba training, travel and charter services should be of the highest standard. Freshwater Divers LLC has maintained its commitment to delivering top quality scuba programs and has earned a reputation for excellent service.

Freshwater Divers LLC services are designed for those who recognize that quality is their number one priority. When it comes to scuba diving this is a prudent perspective.  Our clients expect and deserve the very best, and Freshwater Divers LLC delivers.  There is a wide difference in quality among the providers of scuba services.  Freshwater Divers LLC pride in delivering the finest, most comprehensive programs from the courses we teach to the dive boats we charter everything is the very best. When it comes to your safety and enjoyment would you want anything less?

Fundamental to Freshwater Divers LLC business philosophy is our commitment to quality.  Our reputation for excellence is rooted in our adherence to our STATEMENT of MISSION and PURPOSE.  We earn repeat business from our clients through long-term relationships based on trust and superior service.  Because our clients are those who place high priority on quality Freshwater Divers LLC goes to great lengths to ensure that each client enjoys personalized and professional service.  Due to our uniquely personal approach our clients also become our friends.  Please take the time to read what some of our friends have to say about us.

Our Staff

eric lindquist

Have a water phobia? No fear! Eric is a certified water therapist.

About us

shannon mayberry

Our resident adventurer, Shannon travels to the far reaches of the ocean every year.

Jennifer emmons

Jennifer is an Owner of Freshwater Divers LLC and is a certified Master Scuba Diver.

Jennifer enjoys working with our customers and answering any questions they might have.  

tim emmons

Tim is an Owner of Freshwater Divers LLC and he enjoys teaching students at all levels of their diving career.  Tim is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and is certified to teach individuals that have physical and cognitive disabilities.